When to Wash your Frizzy Hair?

A question that often comes up: when to wash your frizzy hair?

Recommended care for frizzy hair is not always the same as for other hair types.

Frizzy hair requires special treatment, especially in terms of shampoo.

The shampoo to use and the frequency of washing must therefore take into account the nature of frizzy hair to prevent it from weakening further.

How often should you wash your frizzy hair?

The right amount of shampoo for Afro hair is once a week ideally (twice at most). This frequency ensures perfect hygiene for the hair.

Indeed, this care is necessary to maintain the capillary health of the hair.

Among the care products to favor, there is shampoo and its friend, the conditioner.

Ideally, a very gentle formula is indicated to eliminate impurities, traces of pollution and styling residues without eliminating natural sebum.

As sebum is a natural protective substance, it gives the scalp a nourishing effect.

What type of shampoo to use?

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The ideal is to find a shampoo that not only respects your hair type, but also guarantees its role as a protective shield.

A good shampoo for frizzy hair should also be rinsed out easily. A sulfate- and paraben-free formula is a great choice.

People with frizzy hair who sweat profusely should wash their hair frequently.

However, it is necessary to alternate the shampoo with a nourishing conditioner whose function is to eliminate impurities.

There is also a special pre-shampoo for frizzy hair. Its purpose is to degrease and detoxify the scalp.

Frizzy hair: how to take care of it?

Clean without damaging

Frizzy hair needs to be well nourished and treated with great care to reveal its natural beauty.

It is recommended to use moisturizing and nourishing shampoos, preferably mild sulfate-free shampoos.

Sulfate-free cleans more on the surface but removes less sebum, thus preserving the hydration of the hair.

Conditioner: Intensive care

Every time you shampoo, you’re treating yourself.

While Caucasian hair doesn’t necessarily need a conditioner, frizzy hair does.

The more they are nourished, the more hydrated they are, the more beautiful they become.

Emulsifying and detangling

Then a good emulsion before rinsing your mask.

The emulsion consists of adding a little water just before rinsing and massaging the hair like a shampoo but without rubbing the scalp.

This is not a cleaning action, but rather a product distribution action.

Then, you rinse the product completely, making sure to detangle your hair before or during the rinse.

Drying in the open air

After drying your hair, we advise you to use a leave-in conditioner in the form of a spray to spray on your hair.

It is a lightweight leave-in moisturizer that prepares frizzy hair well for drying and styling. Frizzy hair can be dried naturally.

Many people really like it because after washing their hair they tend to shrink a bit.

Summary: when to wash your frizzy hair?

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Many women wonder about the ideal frequency of washing frizzy hair.

Once a week for some, or three times a month for others. It is important to remember that the frequency of washing depends on the person and their lifestyle.

First of all, know that excessive washing can dry out your hair, while too much washing can break it.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the shampooing phase is essential to keep your hair healthy.

Experts therefore recommend washing your hair once a week or three to four times a month.

However, if you want to avoid over-manipulating your hair, it’s wise to do a fortnightly wash and a weekly co-wash .

Above all, don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo every one to two months, the main objective of which is to eliminate all impurities.

This frees your hair from a barrier that prevents it from breathing and nourishing it.

And don’t forget to listen to your hair. By touch, they tell you what to do. Be vigilant!

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