Which Care to choose Between Moisturizer and Protein?

If you find it’s not easy to find the right balance between moisturizer and protein care for your hair, you are not alone.

Frizzy or curly hair is the source of many concerns.

To be chosen carefully, hair care products must perfectly match the quality of your hair to guarantee their effectiveness.

So hydrating, protein or other? Shaping your curls and making your frizzy locks shine will have no secrets for you from this day on!

Specific care for each hair type

Each hair is different: a statement that you have surely heard at least once in your life!

Curly or curly, straight or frizzy hair, it is not always easy to understand the needs of your hair if you only refer to your appearance.

It is essential to understand your hair type in order to provide the best care.

Generally, frizzy and curly hair has a low content of keratin which is however a major compound of each strand of hair.

Produced by the human body, keratin helps to energize the hair in order to make it less fragile and above all less breakable.

As natural proteins, the absence of keratin shows through coarse strands and can even show up as strand loss during brushing.

Furthermore, frizzy and curly hair is also characterized by a reduced water content.

Sign of dryness, the latter are therefore more difficult to tame compared to other hair textures.

With amply low porosity (the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture) , frizzy and curly hair requires specific moisturizers to provide complete hydration to the hair.

To start as soon as possible to avoid the most important damage (weak hair growth, hair that falls out in large quantities, partial baldness, bald temples , etc.), the decision of the treatment adapted to your hair must be taken as soon as possible.

Moreover, the results of a treatment can take several months and some products are even to be applied every day to remedy the poor nutrition of frizzy and curly hair.

Moisturizers: an essential not to be neglected on a daily basis

Many people think that hair care consists only of a weekly shampoo! Although it is a base (for all hair types), it is a usual cleansing treatment to remove dirt.

Shampoo and conditioner are no substitute for comprehensive care for your hair.

To meet the real needs of frizzy and curly hair, the adoption of an anti-dryness treatment is essential.

Helping to relax the hair fiber and make the hair more supple, a good dose of daily hydration also maximizes the malleability of the locks.

Aiming to supply the hair fiber with water, choosing to start this routine gives your hair a better ability to retain hydration, thus optimizing its delicacy over time.

The moisturizer to be selected will ideally be composed of water and oil (vegetable or essential).

Can be bought ready to use or to compose yourself at home, the ready to use version is the most practical to use.

To be applied evenly to all of the hair, complete the application with a scalp massage and comb your hair so that the product can melt into all the strands.

The best oils that have proven themselves in moisturizing hair are: jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil or lavender essential oil.

To complete this daily hydration treatment, it is also necessary to make a mask based on highly rich ingredients such as shea butter, avocado or even banana.

To be carried out during the weekly shampoo, this treatment will help to reinforce the shine and the flexibility of the hair while maintaining the dose of hydration at its maximum.

Protein treatments: a supplement for hair beauty

In addition to moisturizers, the adoption of protein treatment is a logical next step in your quest for healthy frizzy and curly hair.

With the aim of repairing, strengthening and above all rebuilding your hair damaged by heating devices and other chemicals used before, the protein intake should not be neglected.

Bringing several benefits, a protein treatment will lead to a thicker, more voluminous hair fiber, with good elasticity and above all bringing a perfect redefinition of the curls.

Nevertheless, to avoid damaging dry hair too much, it is best to limit yourself to only 1 protein treatment per month. Excessive use of protein elements in the scalp will make it dull and very fragile.

Your protein treatment will be based on an exclusively natural product.

Today, the egg is the most effective (and above all the simplest) main ingredient to provide the right dose of protein to your hair.

To be mixed with olive oil and honey (4 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of honey for 2 eggs), everything will be applied directly to the hair from the head to the tip of each lock .

To be most effective, the composition should be left on the head for 1 hour, taking care to protect everything well with the help of cling film or a bathing cap.

After the 60 minutes, shampoo with a non-aggressive product, preferably composed of natural ingredients good for frizzy and curly hair (avocado, argan, etc.).

Other protein care recipes can also replace those of eggs, honey and olive oil, including:

  • The yogurt and egg treatment.
  • Avocado and coconut oil mix.
  • Fusion of the goodness of mayonnaise and avocado.
  • Shea butter + coconut oil.

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