Why do you absolutely have to cut the ends of your hair?

Trim ends or maintain hair length? This is one of the most discussed topics in the frizzy and curly hair community.

Getting rid of the ends not only helps maintain moisture, but also contributes to the health of your hair and therefore its growth.

For this reason, you should do it quarterly or every 6 months, depending on your needs.

Sure, the cut won’t make your hair grow any faster , but it  will get you back on track.

Generally, your tips will let you know when it’s time to cut them.

Why cut your tips?

We always hesitate to cut our tips, it’s completely normal! We all dream of long hair.

However, it is important to know that to have long hair, it must be healthy.

And hair health also affects the health of the ends of your hair.

The reasons why you need to cut your tips are simple:

  • You notice that your ends are split.
  • Your tips have 2 to 3 branches (fork, feather fork, tree fork).
  • Your points are getting thinner.

How to do it ?

It is best to cut your ends with  special scissors  that allow for a cleaner cut.

Do not use classic scissors because it will aggravate your split ends.

Cut the ends: the methods

There are two methods to cut your ends.

The first is  to straighten your hair and then cut your ends.  You can also use this method to even out your hair and be precise on the ends.

The second method is  to make vanillas or braids  and cut the tips of the vanillas. This method is simple and avoids the use of heat.

How do you know when it’s time to trim your ends?

There are so many reasons why the ends of your hair become dry and split ends.

The first reason is due to too much heat. A lack of hydration contributes to the appearance of split ends.

However, if you have very dry ends and even the most moisturizing product fails to moisturize them, you absolutely have to cut them.

If you have decided to use any product that repairs split ends, you should know that once your tips are damaged, there is no going back.

This means that it is not necessary to buy a product that repairs the ends, you just have to cut them!

If you choose not to cut, there is a risk that split ends will go up your lengths.

You will end up cutting more than if you had cut at the right time.

It should be noted that thinning or lack of density is one of the most obvious signs to see when your tips start to break down.

Indeed, after being damaged, your lengths are much less dense.

You may also feel the appearance of split ends when touched. Split ends are  very rough.

If your ends feel rough compared to the rest of your hair after applying moisturizer, you may have damaged ends.

Is your hair losing volume and definition?

No matter how many products you apply to your  curls, they will become less and less defined.

You will end up with long hair, yes, but it will be flat. So, it might be time to cut them.

The tips are the most fragile part and the most exposed to external influences.

That’s why it’s the part of your hair that needs the most attention.

If your hair tangles a lot, takes longer than usual to untangle , make an appointment with your hairstylist to trim the ends.

How to take care of your tips?

One watchword: hydration ! In different forms (moisturizing cream, oil bath , mask etc.) 

Oil baths should be done once a week, applying vegetable oil all over your hair and letting it sit for a minimum of 40 minutes or overnight.

Another solution is the baggy method you moisturize your ends well with a hydrating product (oil, cream, serum, etc.) then you let your ends sit in a plastic film for several hours.

Finally, there are also  the protective hairstyles so that the ends do not rub against your clothes, scarves and coats.

It is possible to cut your ends in hairdressing salons. Obviously, you can cut them at home with these methods mentioned above.

And you, how do you take care of your tips?

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